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BBC Radio Interview: Woman Injured by Errant Golf Shot at 2018 Ryder Cup

Michael S. Johnstone, AIA, was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live following the Ryder Cup accident where a spectator was struck by an errant golf ball and lost the vision in her right eye. The incident raised international attention in the golf…
Errant golf ball accident parallel opposing holes
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Errant Ball: Parallel Opposing Holes

A 43-year-old man and his girlfriend were playing golf at a public golf course in Ohio. They were on the 2nd hole that runs parallel to the 1st hole but in the opposite direction. The plaintiff parked the golf cart near the green and was struck in…

Brake Failure, Runaway Golf Cart

Two parents and three teenage children went to a Tennessee mountain resort to claim free zip-line tickets. They were asked if they were interested in the vacation rentals and replied honestly that they only wanted the tickets. The salesman…
Expert witness golf rattlesnakes wildlife bite injury

Rattlesnake Bite and Wildlife in Golf

An award-winning golf course located on tribal land in the high desert of New Mexico was sued by a husband and wife when the wife was bitten by a rattlesnake. The incident occurred while searching for a lost golf ball. The woman was rushed…
golf cart accident wrongful death tournament

Golf Cart Accident: Wrongful Death

In Northern California, a 64-year-old volunteer at a charity golf tournament fell off the back of a golf cart and eventually died of her injuries. The woman's family filed suit for wrongful death against the charity organizer, golf course…

Golf Cart Accident: Slope with Hidden Curb

A 69-year-old plaintiff was driving a golf cart while playing with her women’s golf group. While approaching the 8th green, she exited the fairway and drove off a curb that she could not see. The golf cart slammed onto the cart path and crossed…